the history

Our history began way before the brand creation, when the CEO Edson Borgo used to dream of having a cosmetics company. His dream started to have a shape right after his arrival and his family at Teixeira de Freitas city, in south of Bahia, where they were welcomed and initiated the Ecosmetics industry journey.

There were years of hard work, dedication, experiments, specializations, achievements and accomplishments.  Ecosmetics passed through many evolutive processes and became one of the biggests beauty salon cosmetics brands in the world, having it recognition nationally and internationally. 

We have over 300 items in our catalog, we have distributors in all Brazilian states and we’re present in over 60 countries. There are 20 years creating products of highly quality and offering the best education in the world, tools that transform careers and lives.

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We went beyond producing cosmetics, because we also breathe education. We have evolved and we felt that we could pass all our knowledge and talent in specializations for hairstylists. Therefore surges our Hair School Business (HSB) Academy, an institution with exclusive and innovative methodology, elected as the NUMBER 1 IN THE WORLD by the Organization Mondiale de la Coiffure (OMC). The Hair School Business is a professional education institute established in 2009. We have already introduced in the Fashion hair market over 26,000 qualified professionals with the most trendy techniques of beauty care, health and wellbeing, besides hair salon management. We promote the alliance between management and technical development. Access the website and learn everything that the HSB can offer for your career in the beauty industry, hair health and wellbeing!


the factory

We created our own production processes in an industrial area of 10,000 m² with a complete laboratory, modern and high performance equipment. We have a manufacturing capacity of 24 tons minimum per day. We value the quality from developing our formulas until the product finalization also guaranteeing being in agreement with the ISO standard 22.716 of good manufacturing practices. Transforming raw materials into products of high quality, which transform dreams, careers and lives. We perpetuate the respect to the people and the environment.



Ecosmetics is made by many stakeholders, each means it’s conducted by many hands that dedicate themselves, learn and evolve daily on behalf of the constant growth, evolution and transformation of the company. These people have their lives transformed and with the high quality cosmetics manufacturing and a high level education they can also transform the lives of millions of people.

ecosmetis around the world

We initiated our international expansion in 2015 and today we’re already present in over 60 countries.


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